Saturday, August 29


I've had this monster of headache for like 8 hours or so. I hate when I get these. I don't like the first picture that is up but the other two are ok. I'm tired so I'm off to bed.

Parents are visiting me tomorrow. Woot.

Tuesday, August 25

Dumb Computer

My computer crapped out for a while but I'm finally back online again.

I've started biting my fingernails again even though I know how disguisting the stuff under nails is. I've started using the nail deterant stuff again that tastes like grossness to prevent myself once again. I miss having nails to paint fun colors. Never again will I allow nail polish remover to go out of stock.

I'm going to enjoy some cheese cake then go to bed. Woot.

No pictures today since I'm super tired and lazy.

Tuesday, August 18


Currently been lounging around the house. Nothing new just some old pictures I took since I'm still trying to figure out my new camera. I gotta make some calls.

Monday, August 17

Late Shift

I have a really late shift tonight at work. I was taking a few pictures, trying to learn how to use my new camera but the neighbors downstairs were BBQing and made the whole living room smell like smoked wood. I practiced for a while and caught my cats being themselves.

Another post, OMG girlfriend.

I got a new camera. I'm still going to put up old pictures from my other camera but just so you know. You're in for an overexposure to (maybe some bad) pictures. Oh yeah.

Latest pictures

Saturday, August 8

First Entry

It's been a very long time since I blogged. I haven't really done it in a long time and really don't know if I have much to say anymore.
I think my husband was sad that I didn't want to go to the pool with him today. I was being a pool party pooper. I really just wanted to stay home and be lazy.