Wednesday, January 25

Fingerpaints - Avante Garde Green

Avante Garde Green is a gorgeous green-blue color that isn't a duo chrome but wants to be.  I was sad about the polish not really flashing to any other color since when I bought the bottle I kept thinking it was going to flash from green to blue to purple.  Even though I was upset about it, this color is still absolutely beautiful.  I used three coats here but really it was opaque in two.  The application wasn't as smooth as I hoped.  It seemed a little runny and was kind of difficult for me to stay clean on my nails...hence the reason my nails are really messy in all this pictures.

 Later I decided to put some flakies on my mani and ever since then I keep thinking this polish is just going to flash.  I'm telling you, I'm obsessed with this one being a duo chrome.  I keep thinking if I will it, it will happen.

Also, I noticed that when I applied my flakies and my topcoat over my nails that it seems to make some really small wrinkles in my mani.  This could be due to user error or possibly the two don't want to play nice.

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