Monday, July 30

Three Manicures!

 I would like to apologize again for being so long since I posted anything.  It's been pretty crazy with everything that's been going on.  As you all know, I broke my arm in March, had to have surgery then have been doing physical therapy.  The therapy has been doing well and I can get my arm mostly straight.  The problem is really that I can't bend it a whole I can't even bring a sandwich to my face though putting a bobby pin my hair was worthy of a victory dance.  After visiting with the doctor again we've decided that I need to wear this intense brace to try and force my arm to bend.  He also said that if by September it doesn't really work then I'll be put to sleep where the Doc will just force my arm for me.

So that's been my life for the past month in a nutshell and here is some awesome manicures!

Saturday, July 28

Skyrim Photos

 I'm sorry it's been so long!  I've been pretty busy with not a lot of time to post.  I have about 3 manicures I have to put on here from about the beginning of July.  I will probably put a post tomorrow with them but until then enjoy some pictures from my Skyrim experience.  I really don't understand the one with the mammoth...I just came across him like that.