Monday, July 30

Three Manicures!

 I would like to apologize again for being so long since I posted anything.  It's been pretty crazy with everything that's been going on.  As you all know, I broke my arm in March, had to have surgery then have been doing physical therapy.  The therapy has been doing well and I can get my arm mostly straight.  The problem is really that I can't bend it a whole I can't even bring a sandwich to my face though putting a bobby pin my hair was worthy of a victory dance.  After visiting with the doctor again we've decided that I need to wear this intense brace to try and force my arm to bend.  He also said that if by September it doesn't really work then I'll be put to sleep where the Doc will just force my arm for me.

So that's been my life for the past month in a nutshell and here is some awesome manicures!

This was a manicure I did for a wedding.  I was going for elegant but my stamping was a little off so the ending it up being at an angle instead of straight across.  It still looked pretty good from far away so it was do-able.

This next manicure was for July 4th.  I was trying to make little stars with my dotting tool but they ending up looking more like flowers and on top of that the blue wouldn't come off my cuticles when I was cleaning them.  This one was definitely not my best but it got compliments for being so festive.

The last manicure is a gradient one that I was trying out thanks to a tutorial from Nailasaurus.  It's so easy to do and definitely has the best outcome of any other way I've tried.  I used three colors here but the gradient effect is so awesome that it looks almost airbrushed on.  This picture was taken after a week and half of wear but still looked pretty awesome with exception to the cuticles.  I even added some flakies and a little bit of subtle stamping to add a little extra oomph.
The only issue I had and you'll notice from my pic is that there are lots of little bubbles on each nail.  I didn't know if that was from the top coat, one of the other polishes, or just from the sponge I used.  The sponge I used seemed to stick to the polish as I was using it so I need to readjust my wait times inbetween coats.


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