Sunday, September 23

Striped Halves with glitter

 This week I wanted to give my hand at something different since the past weeks I haven't been able to do much with my nails.  I was gone for a while because I had to have another "surgery" for my arm since it still won't move enough to be functional.  That meant no nail polish for about 2 weeks since I had taken some off and didn't want to put more on only to have to take it off again in the middle of the week.  So finally I'm back to my no good manicures.  ^_^  I think my husband really enjoyed the weeks of no nail polish smells in the house. 

 The colors I used were China Glaze Dress Me Up from the Hunger Games collection, China Glaze Exotic Encounters from the On Safari collection, and China Glaze Platinum Silver.  The glitters were some Pure Ice ones I picked up a long time ago called Beware and Oh Baby!

My striping skills aren't that great but it didn't turn out terrible.  I wanted them to have more of a curvy feel to them like a floral pattern but this will do.  I'm just thankful I got to practice with my brushes to get better.  I hope you like them and if you have any tips on using a brush better please feel free to leave them.  ^_^

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