Tuesday, June 12

China Glaze Pink Plumeria

China Glaze's Pink Plumeria is an awesome neon pink with golden shimmer.  This color is part of the Summer Neon's Collection for summer 2012.  Personally I don't like neons but this color and one other from the collection really caught my eye.  This color was really hard for me to capture because it lies somewhere between neon baby pink and more coralish.  Honestly I must say that this color is one of my favorite pinks ever and I'll be wearing the crap out of it.  

The application for this color was a bit thick especially in between coats though it only took me two coats to get it opaque.  The other cool thing about this color is that it dries matte instead of shiny so you'll need a topcoat.  Personally I prefer shimmery colors like this one shiny so that the shimmer can really stand out.  

Oh yeah!  Also I tried to do a free hand leopard print on my accent finger.  Let's just say that was a definite fail.  lol.  The video tutorial I watched made it look so easy too!  I think I just need to keep practicing.

I also included a macro shot of the polish inside the bottle.  It's a shame you can't see all the golden shimmer.  


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