Tuesday, June 19

China Glaze - Sun Kissed

 This week I was still on my neon kick so I went with my other purchase China Glaze's Sun Kissed.  This color is also from the summer Neon collection and just like Pink Plumeria it too dries as a matte.  I love this color because it's neon like a highlighter only on your fingers.  I also love the shimmer it has in it.  It's just super awesome!

The application was still a bit thick and with two coats it was opaque.  I had to spruce it up with some green dots though.  I've been meaning to do little leopard print on the corners of my nails but after last weeks leopard print I decided to hold off.  This time I decided to just do simple dots.  I really like how it turned out and will have to remember to do this again.

As always there is a macro of Sun Kissed in the bottle.  As you can tell though, it's a bit more green in the bottle than it is in real life.  My nail photos tell the true color.

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