Sunday, June 3

China Glaze Ray-Diant

Hello!  I decided today would be the day that I finally wore one of my most anticipated polishes.  This polish was released with China Glaze's Prismatic Chroma Glitter collection in Spring 2012.  My arm was broken then but I knew I had to have it.  I went into my local Sally's, sling and all to fetch this one. 
This glitter is awesome because it's a duo-chrome.  It shows more strongly in the bottle than on the nail but I just love it.  This took me 4 coats though 3 was really enough.  This polish is really hard to capture and it didn't help that I put a green towel over my light source...hence the slightly tinted greenish in some of the photos.

As anyone knows, I have to spruce it up especially since my arm has been progressively feeling better.  This time I decided to stamp some stars from Mash plate 08 in China Glaze Liquid Leather.  I added a little bit of pinkish color by dotting China Glaze Ahoy! in varying spots then finished it off with little pink jewels.  My husband even helped me pick out where to put them!  Yay! 


Finally I  have a macro shot of the Ray-Diant.  It's not as crystal clear as I'd like to get it but it shows you the exciting mix of glitters within the bottle. 

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